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  • Primal Source Tree

    As before, I’ve made the source tree for Primal available here for you to nose through to your content.

    Keep in mind that there is no actual code here, but just the tree representing how everything, or more specifically the source code, was laid out during development. This might give you some ideas, clues, or just generally, hopefully, be interesting for you to see—personally I’ve found some of these rather inspiring when deciding how to set out my own projects.

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  • Poking and Prodding Titan A.E.

    I peer amongst my assorted collection of unfinished works, noticing one in particular that’s been sitting for quite some time. Letting off a sigh, I grab it and proceed to blow the dust off it; an immediate coughing fit follows, and shock, seeing the only word on the page is nothing more than “The”.

    Oops. This has only been waiting two years. Alright, I guess it’s about time to get this out the door.

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  • Black9 Lives!

    Yesterday, Dink, a user on the Hidden Palace Discord, posted a link to a build of Black9 which had seemingly been uploaded to anonymously just some days prior. If you didn’t know already, I’d written a short piece about Black9 back in 2018 (yikes, time flies), so it was really exciting to finally have an opportunity to see what the game actually looked and played like.

    But nothing is ever quite that simple, is it?

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  • An Odd World; Oddworld Stranger's Wrath Prototype

    In April, in the Hidden Palace Discord server, a user with the handle ‘Sgabbit’ asked about the Oddworld Stranger’s Wrath prototype that had been shown on the YouTube channel PtoPOnline. Unfortunately, many years later, it still wasn’t publicly available.

    Aiming to change that, we decided to make an offer to the individual behind the channel, and after acquiring some better capture equipment and sending our Xbox off to have more RAM soldered onto the motherboard, here we are today!

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  • Dumping to

    There hasn’t been any formal announcement yet but we have a new archive site in the works over here. The archive available via the new site is with a significantly faster provider which will allow me to keep it updated more often and also allow you guys to have faster download speeds.

    That said, there’s nothing yet on the new archive (besides some random Final Fantasy XV bits which were thrown up as a test) as I’ve been wrestling with myself to get on with indexing our offline archive, so we can get significantly more up than we had before.

    Anyway, I digress, the whole reason for mentioning the above is a rather poor explanation as to why I’ve not been uploading to our current archive so much as of late, and instead I’ve been dumping software onto

    Below are a couple of discs I’ve recently dumped that may be of interest to _someone _out there. Some of these aren’t particularly rare but weren’t yet on so I’ve seen to it they’re now available for anyone to download.

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