There hasn’t been any formal announcement yet but we have a new archive site in the works over here. The archive available via the new site is with a significantly faster provider which will allow me to keep it updated more often and also allow you guys to have faster download speeds.

That said, there’s nothing yet on the new archive (besides some random Final Fantasy XV bits which were thrown up as a test) as I’ve been wrestling with myself to get on with indexing our offline archive, so we can get significantly more up than we had before.

Anyway, I digress, the whole reason for mentioning the above is a rather poor explanation as to why I’ve not been uploading to our current archive so much as of late, and instead I’ve been dumping software onto

Below are a couple of discs I’ve recently dumped that may be of interest to _someone _out there. Some of these aren’t particularly rare but weren’t yet on so I’ve seen to it they’re now available for anyone to download.

This isn’t everything, just some of the highlights. You can find the rest on my profile available here. There is some more stuff on the way, but my time has been limited as of late (and this heatwave isn’t helping any!)

We did have an alpha copy of Battlefield 1943 come in too from early 2009. However, it turns out that the disc is pretty damaged (the underside is pierced through). Sigh. We’ll take a crack at scraping off everything we can and will submit any results we get, otherwise I’ll throw it over to anyone else willing to take a crack at it.

When the new archive is available, I’ll likely continue uploading any new dumps to in addition to the new archive.

Anyway, with that out the way I’ve been planning on rolling through a few pieces on Final Fantasy XV soon, hopefully, so either the first of those or the new archive will come next. Probably more likely the latter.

A while back (last year as a matter of fact), I published a copy of the source tree for Final Fantasy XV which was generated from data available in the debug symbols which had been shipped with the game by accident when it was first released (from my understanding). You can find the article regarding the source tree here. Debug symbols themselves can be found here. Since then I’ve noticed there’s a lot of weird information out there regarding the development of the game which doesn’t really align with the way the source tree is organised, so I thought it might be interesting to go through that a bit.

And I must confess that I’m just really fascinated (or obsessed, depending on who you ask) with the development of the game in general and have been really itching to write about my observations for a while.

Until next time!