• Black9 Lives!

    Yesterday, Dink, a user on the Hidden Palace Discord, posted a link to a build of Black9 which had seemingly been uploaded to anonymously just some days prior. If you didn’t know already, I’d written a short piece about Black9 back in 2018 (yikes, time flies), so it was really exciting to finally have an opportunity to see what the game actually looked and played like.

    But nothing is ever quite that simple, is it?

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  • An Odd World; Oddworld Stranger's Wrath Prototype

    In April, in the Hidden Palace Discord server, a user with the handle ‘Sgabbit’ asked about the Oddworld Stranger’s Wrath prototype that had been shown on the YouTube channel PtoPOnline. Unfortunately, many years later, it still wasn’t publicly available.

    Aiming to change that, we decided to make an offer to the individual behind the channel, and after acquiring some better capture equipment and sending our Xbox off to have more RAM soldered onto the motherboard, here we are today!

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  • A look at our data storage methods

    Hey there, Daniel here. Among other things, I help out with some of the sysadmin type stuff around here.

    This article is a bit different to what we usually post - its a behind-the-scenes look at how we handle our data storage needs, ensuring our collection is backed up and nothing is ever lost or corrupted.

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  • Here's to another great year of preservation! And a little surprise...

    It’s been an absolutely incredible year when it comes to preservation.

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  • A whole new world, and uh, faster wheels too

    Hi everyone, we’ve migrated the website to a new host and away from Wordpress, which will hopefully result in a significantly speedier site!

    Additionally, if you’ve not noticed already, the old file archive is no more and now directs to our new Data Dungeon website.

    We’ve spent a lot of time ensuring that redirects are available for everything but can’t make an absolutely 100% guarantee that some links won’t be broken, and in such a case do let us know and we’ll examine why or what happened, and see if it can be resolved.

    This is something that we had been planning to do for a long long time now. The Data Dungeon was the first step towards that and now we’ve finally finished that process - and can get back to writing new articles hopefully a little more consistently.

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