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  • MDK2 2214 Development Build

    Today I’m happy to share a development build of MDK2 for the Sega Dreamcast, dated 30th of November, 1999.

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  • Dinosaur Planet: VOX

    The following video is a collection of voice recordings for the “cancelled” game, Dinosaur Planet, which was eventually released as Star Fox Adventures.

    You can download a collection of all the individual samples split up here - I’ve split them up in the hope that they may be easier to organize for anyone that wishes to spend the time to do so.

    These sounds were included in a Kiosk demo of Star Fox Adventures which can be found here.

  • Prey '96: Energy Monitoring Station

    Today we’re going to talk a little about Tom Hall’s iteration of Prey. This one’s a little more in-depth than usual, so prepare for a lot of analysis here.

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  • Unreal Warfare: Resources Repository

    I was recently wondering why I hadn’t yet posted about this, so here we are.

    Unreal Warfare is quite fascinating to me (if you hadn’t guessed already). Gradually through the years since it began development, parts of it have slowly leaked out - either through licensees of Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 2 (resources were provided as examples to licensees) or directly through Epic Games themselves, either as reused assets or just pieces they simply forgot were there.

    I had always been meaning to piece all of these resources together and last year I finally found the time to do so. If you want to take a look, you can do so here.

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  • Dark Vengeance Extraction Utility

    Dark Vengeance is probably one of the more obscure games out there I’ve come across, having been in development since about 1996 and then being released in November of 1998 with seemingly little fanfare.

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