I very recently extracted most of the textures used for the game Sentient. The game uses a pretty simple package format and most of the other formats therein are also pretty simple.


Unfortunately the textures don’t provide a width and height, I can only assume this is hard coded somewhere in the game itself, so I’ve had to use some guesswork here.

In addition to that, I’m aware that there are some textures missing. If there’s much interest in this, I’ll try to do all the remaining textures and then move onto ripping other content from the game.

It was surprising to see that there are a number of unused textures left in the game and some very odd ones at that.

You can see a pretty rough implementation of the package loader available here. It pretty much does the bare minimum necessary to get at the data.

This is a game I’m sure a lot of people are unaware of but one I have some appreciation for, considering what it was trying to accomplish. I think I’d best describe it as a non-linear 3D point and click adventure game? Though I’m sure someone else would describe it differently.


If you’re interested to learn more about Sentient, I recommend checking out it’s Wikipedia page.