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  • A closer look at the Unreal Technology Demo

    At the European Computer Trade Show, on September 6th 2000, Epic Games unveiled a technology demonstration of the Unreal Engine, showing new features and capabilities that they were introducing to the engine. A number of new features were shown that Epic Games were looking to introduce to the engine in the short term, along with PlayStation 2 support, but with the long term goal of producing a new engine entirely. This iteration of the engine eventually came to be known as the Warfare engine, now known as Unreal Engine 2, the predecessor to Unreal Engine 3.

    The technology demonstration was unsurprisingly comprised of a number of different demonstrations but a lot of these provide some fascinating insight into the development of the engine and the upcoming games at the time. We’ll be going over each of these as they appeared in the video below and doing a short analysis on each.

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  • Unreal 0.83 and 0.84!

    Copies of the source-code for Unreal 0.83 and Unreal 0.84 from 1996 are now up in the archive. Direct download links are below.

    Download Unreal 0.83 Source Download Unreal 0.84 Source