As I was digging through the Into the Shadows demonstration I was very surprised to see that there were a few animations included that we don’t get to see - or don’t get to see the entirety of.

Motion capture in 1995 being used for video games was very uncommon as far as I’ve seen and Into the Shadows was making extensive use of the technology.

Keep in mind that most of these animations weren’t intended to be used on Erik (the character you see here), but for the sake of simplicity and time I decided to use Erik as a dummy for them all. A lot of the animations were also obviously intended to be used with very different weaponry as well, clearly, and in some cases the character should be unarmed; again, I’ve left this unchanged for simplicity but you can probably use your imagination.

Below you’ll see a video demonstrating each of the functioning animations left within the demonstration.

The music used is from Enclave, a game developed by some of the same guys that worked on Into the Shadows.