Just to clarify, there wasn’t any sound included in this build, hence why there isn’t any audio.

This was an additional demo for the Windows platform, released a few months before the game’s final release in December.

This build follows the previous one released in August. Interestingly it’s the same level and it appears pretty much the same as the final game, minus Rayman having his more powerful attack a little earlier in the game than he usually would.

Compared to the previous build, it seems a number of issues have been resolved and there’s likely a few additions. For starts, sprites on the screen appear smoother in this build and it also appears that lighting is functioning as expected in this build too. It’s also worth mentioning that the colour of the text is different in this build compared to the previous. Additionally, a very obvious change is that Rayman’s face is now animated correctly.

Wikipedia article can be found here.

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