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Source Tree

  • Primal Source Tree

    As before, I’ve made the source tree for Primal available here for you to nose through to your content.

    Keep in mind that there is no actual code here, but just the tree representing how everything, or more specifically the source code, was laid out during development. This might give you some ideas, clues, or just generally, hopefully, be interesting for you to see—personally I’ve found some of these rather inspiring when deciding how to set out my own projects.

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  • Final Fantasy XV Source Tree

    A while back, a debug build of Final Fantasy XV which included a debug menu was accidently released by Square - you’ve probably seen this.

    Anyway, unsurprisingly, the build included strings pretty much outlining the entire source tree of the game and engine.

    For me, it’s interesting to look at as it demonstrates the seperation of the technology between ‘ebony’, ‘luminous’ and ‘reblack’, which as I understand it is a result of the lengthy development of the game and the culmination of two technologies coming together (i.e. Versus XIII’s own engine and the then new Luminous engine).

    I should emphasize, there is no actual source code here. Just an outline of the tree itself. Additionally be aware it’s not going to be 100% complete.

    If you want to check it out, you can take a look here.