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Reverse Engineering

  • Poking and Prodding Titan A.E.

    I peer amongst my assorted collection of unfinished works, noticing one in particular that’s been sitting for quite some time. Letting off a sigh, I grab it and proceed to blow the dust off it; an immediate coughing fit follows, and shock, seeing the only word on the page is nothing more than “The”.

    Oops. This has only been waiting two years. Alright, I guess it’s about time to get this out the door.

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  • Poking and Prodding Wild Water Adrenaline

    This isn’t going to be the most in-depth piece I’ve ever written, as my interest only went so far with this one (I’m sure you can understand if you’re familiar with the title in question), but I thought I’d throw some of my findings out there just on the off-chance it’s useful.

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