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  • X-COM Alliance Gameplay Compilation

  • Free Time!

    So I’ve had a lot of spare time lately, which I’ve decided to spend on going through all the Alliance content.

    Here’s a disclaimer, a lot of this work has been done over the last day or so, so excuse if it doesn’t seem like much, but I was making some pretty good progress, so I felt I’d post about it.

    There’s several things I wanted to do during this time, I’ve produced a few videos showing content of the game which I think people will appreciate, I’ve been in talks with a friend on getting some of the design documents narrated and presented to you guys and finally I’ve been seeing how feasible it would be to produce a semi-restoration of the game as it was in a more modern engine. That last one likely sounds odd and understandably that’s probably true.

    Why would you do that? Well, there are definite followings out there for games such as this which, even to this day, would love to have played it. Though the game was never finished, so because of that there’s an extra load of work surrounding something like this. What motivates me however is that any progress I might make will hopefully help anyone else looking to do the same, and if not it certainly makes the content much more accessible for people to examine and explore. Regardless if games like this were released or not, I think they’re still pieces of history that shouldn’t be lost.

    This involves going through all the assets within Alliance’s files and figuring out ways in which the content can be converted without losing too much / anything at all, and then finally sorting it. Each bit of content, such as textures, sounds or models, can take a considerable amount of time individually for many reasons; keep in mind this content is literally over a decade old now!

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  • X-COM Alliance UnrealEd

  • X-COM: Alliance - Some Random Footage

    The following is some old footage I recorded of the cancelled X-COM: Alliance. This isn’t exactly anything new, but hopefully this’ll bring in some feedback for the format and such I’m currently using; whether text or a voice-over might be better I don’t know yet, but I’d like to hear your thoughts.

    Usually my idea was to publish anything I’d show on here, but things are a bit of a mess with this. I’m quite sure there are some links out there though for some cleaned-up builds, however, for those that look hard enough and if I stumble on any such links myself, then I’ll add them to this post. This isn’t to say I won’t be posting the builds on here eventually, it’s more just that I can likely put out better releases by focusing on single things more specifically, e.g. design documents and artwork.

    Anyway, hope you enjoy. This footage doesn’t cover as much as some of the videos originally released on the old channel, but it should hopefully do for now.