The following is some old footage I recorded of the cancelled X-COM: Alliance. This isn’t exactly anything new but hopefully this’ll bring in some feedback for the format and such I’m currently using; whether text or a voice-over might be better I don’t know yet, but I’d like to hear your thoughts.

Usually my idea was to publish anything I’d show on here but things are a bit of a mess with this. I’m quite sure there’s some links out there though for some cleaned up builds however for those that look hard enough and if I stumble on any such links myself then I’ll add them to this post. This isn’t to say I won’t be posting the builds on here eventually, it’s more just that I can likely put out better releases by focusing on single things more specifically, e.g. design documents and artwork.

Anyway hope you enjoy. This footage doesn’t cover as much as some of the videos originally released on the old channel but it should hopefully do for now.