Invasion Commander Mode

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This is a short video demonstrating the, currently buggy, Commander mode in Invasion. This essentially gives you an overview of the level, letting you select units and issue them orders etc. A lot of this additional functionality currently hasn’t been restored, so that’s the next task. For those not aware of what this project is, […]

Heads Up

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Hello everyone, I’ve had a number of emails and messages now asking me if I have anything more to release surrounding Unreal or the Unreal Engine in general. To be frank there’s still quite a few things I have which aren’t yet in the public space but there’s several pretty good reasons for it. Releasing […]

Free Time!

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So I’ve had a lot of spare time lately, which I’ve decided to spend on going through all the Alliance content. Here’s a disclaimer, a lot of this work has been done over the last day or so, so excuse if it doesn’t seem like much but I was making some pretty good progress so […]

Things that are in the works…

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Hello everyone! So I decided to make a new post to update you all on the status of things. Firstly, all videos have been removed from the older YouTube account and they will be re-archived both here and on the new channel: make sure you’re subscribed to the new channel if you want to see those […]