What’s TalonBrave.info?

An awful lot of people seem to take games for granted today, not understanding the amount of thought and work that goes into each one. Just about every tiny detail often has some thought behind it and sometimes, a lot of this work will often get cut, sliced up or heavily revised for the final product; this is often necessary to get a game completed on time so it can be published for people like you and me to enjoy. Many feel, however, that there’s a lot of historical, educational and general value in earlier iterations of games, that show different approaches to solve design challenges, different takes on a story and sometimes, a completely different game entirely. TalonBrave.info, like a number of other websites, has the goal of preserving this content/information, but in addition, trying to present it in a way people can more easily appreciate and understand its meaning or value.

Nothing’s exclusive.


TalonBrave.info was started originally as the “BetaTube”, a YouTube channel started a few years ago that eventually gained 400 subscribers before being downsized and eventually closed. It was a relatively small channel that didn’t exactly gain much attention; most content was posted without information and context, and generally didn’t have much thought put into it due to lack of dedication and time. After making an attempt at tracking down information on a particular game, speaking to a number of developers involved, I was inspired to launch the website you see before you now.

Information should be easily accessible, easy to archive and open.


This website also aims to support a number of projects. One aims to make information more accessible, through a collection of downloadable “bibles”, that essentially attempt to not only cover the history of a particular game, but dissect its design too. Additionally there’s both Invasion and Alliance, two projects that attempt to restore cancelled games into a semi-playable / viewable state, so that people can more easily experience just what could have possibly been.

Keep in mind that this website isn’t possible without your support and while the website certainly isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, donations can certainly help keep it going even further into the future, encourages me to put more time towards everything you see here and also contributes to the bounty pool.