Things that are in the works…

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Hello everyone!

So I decided to make a new post to update you all on the status of things. Firstly, all videos have been removed from the older YouTube account and they will be re-archived both here and on the new channel: make sure you’re subscribed to the new channel if you want to see those videos again.

Secondly, I have several “bibles” in the work right now; Prey, Team Fortress 2 and potentially Daikatana. These bibles cover information regarding their development, design and other interesting bits of information which I hope a lot of people will appreciate, though I also ask for a collaborative effort when any of these are released to expand on each document and make improvements. As you might be aware, I’d released a version of the Prey Bible before, but there’s a complete rework of it which I’m currently working on with some more accurate and additional information which wasn’t in there before. I’d even been translating various magazine articles to add to the document.

A Team Fortress 2 Bible you say? Yes, I only started work on it recently but it covers all known iterations of Team Fortress 2; Modern, Space, Invasion and obviously “Team Fortress” which was the final iteration that the game went through. Supposedly there were a number of other iterations but currently I’m focusing on the four primary iterations that Team Fortress 2 went through. This is also going in hand with a side project of mine called Fortress, which is a project aiming to bring Invasion’s code base over to Source 2013; originally 1:1 but Invasion’s code base is very much broken on its own, which is something I’ll go into either in a post or in the bible, we’ll see.

Also you might have noticed that the website went offline a few times recently. After updating WordPress, an error occurred which prevented me from accessing the administrative portion of the site and also caused some other issues. These are solved now, so the website should be back to normal.

Anyway thanks for reading and I’ll definitely have some content up in the coming days.