New YouTube Page

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Hello again! As I’m sure some people are aware, I used to run a channel called “The BetaTube” and if you follow that you’ll note how it’s all recently been linked with my own personal Google+ account, which meant it had lost its identity, and I’d begun uploading random videos on the channel that are unrelated to its original purpose, which I’m aware has annoyed a few subscribers.

With the relaunch of this website, I’ve decided to create a new channel, other than my own personal one, of which will be used in future for development videos of various games. The plan is to move all the old videos to the new channel, so nothing will be lost and the hope is that those videos can also be hosted in their raw form on this very website, including any associated builds that I might be previewing (though that depends on the permissions given to me).

Anyway enough of all that, you can find a link to the new channel either on the top of this page or the bottom and also right here.