Heads Up

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Hello everyone, I’ve had a number of emails and messages now asking me if I have anything more to release surrounding Unreal or the Unreal Engine in general. To be frank there’s still quite a few things I have which aren’t yet in the public space but there’s several pretty good reasons for it.

  • Releasing source-code is a little different than releasing a build because of the implications, especially when it can potentially be damaging to a still active community.
  • Some of it is actually too big for me to upload in just one day.
  • Documents and other content may still need looking over.
  • I may have been specifically asked not to upload it.

Additionally, Unreal and the Unreal Engine are not my only or primary focus. This is an archival site for a multitude of different games. There are many other games which I want to cover, so many so that I probably couldn’t cover everything in my lifetime.

If there’s anything else then I will either post about it here or on the BetaArchive forum.