Welcome to the new TalonBrave.info!

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Hello everyone! I’m hogsy, the administrator of TalonBrave.info and lead programmer on the OpenKatana project, and I’ve finally decided it’s time to give the website a bit of an overhaul. Today I installed WordPress on here and have started organizing a plan on some directions I want to take the website, such as giving detailed blog posts that might give some insights into the development of various games; cut features, content and more, with Prey, Daikatana and Team Fortress 2 being some of the games I’ll most likely be focusing on first. There will also be some random trivia, releases and more on here too.

Additionally for those that follow my YouTube channel, TheBetaTube, I’ll soon be creating a new channel that’ll be more focused on videos relating to video-game history, which I’ll eventually link to in another future post.

If you want to just ignore this blog entirely, then simply click the “File Archive” button in the menu above and you’ll be directed to your place of interest (assuming it’s what you’re looking for).