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  • A basic introduction to MessiahScript

    Before I even begin, I’ve got to thank Rick Gibbed for providing the exact launch parameter that triggers Messiah into rebuilding it’s scripts.

    I always found it odd that the scripts were included with the game, despite the fact that their inclusion wasn’t necessary in order for the game to function, and suspected for quite sometime that perhaps the game was intended to be alterable somehow.

    Searching through a number of sources gave me absolutely nothing other than lines from the developers stating that support for modifications was under heavy consideration, all the way up to the Messiah’s release - okay, we didn’t get the level editor but we got their proprietary scripting language, but how the hell can we do anything with it?

    After contacting Saxs himself, the lead programmer for the game, who confirmed that there was such a launch parameter, it’s great to see that 18 fucking years later there’s finally a way to modify the game.

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  • Messiah Technology Analysis

    It’s taken awhile, but it’s finally here! The first video in my analysis series.

    Yes there’s a lot of additional information I didn’t cover in the video, or details I may have overlooked. You might also be wondering what my sources are. In this case I recommend checking out the documentation I’ve written out alongside the video.

    Messiah Technical Analysis Document

    Messiah on Wikipedia

  • Messiah Thrill Trailer

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  • Messiah Character Renders