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Game/Project Overdrive

  • Project Overdrive

    Overdrive was a game slated to be released back in 2000 but seemingly disappeared. In 2012 a build of it, which was supposedly a release candidate that was in the hands of a publisher, was leaked by a user of the name Torick.

    I decided to record a video of this, though I don’t believe I did the game any favors. The game is actually quite complex; supposedly it’s playable from the first mission to the end, vehicles have per-vertex deformation, a lot of elements within the environment are destructible, characters use inverse kinematics for some interesting results, cars have a limited amount of petrol and need to be filled up, there’s a trading system in the game, you can customize your character, there’s supposedly support for multiplayer, shadow mapping, a completely dynamic lighting system that supported day and night cycles, it appears there were also multiple locations such as an island, there are no loading screens as the game attempts to stream in content during gameplay and seems to feature fairly complex AI for the time. Keep all this in mind and the fact that this was supposed to come out in 2000 and it’s very impressive from a technology standpoint.

    Anyway with this out of the way, there’s multiple links you can download this from.