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  • More Unreal Warfare Music!

    Today, several more tracks that were intended for Unreal Warfare have been uploaded to the archive and onto the YouTube channel.

    You can view the videos on YouTube here and download the music yourself here.


  • Unreal Warfare: Resources Repository

    I was recently wondering why I hadn’t yet posted about this, so here we are.

    Unreal Warfare is quite fascinating to me (if you hadn’t guessed already). Gradually through the years since it began development, parts of it have slowly leaked out - either through licensees of Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 2 (resources were provided as examples to licensees) or directly through Epic Games themselves, either as reused assets or just pieces they simply forgot were there.

    I had always been meaning to piece all of these resources together and last year I finally found the time to do so. If you want to take a look, you can do so here.

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  • Gears of War development 'previews'

    Below is a collection of thumbnails that were generated for Epic Games’ Gears of War, which were packaged with the game, and preview several different levels that were produced during the development of the game.

    It should be obvious why these are interesting in a lot of respects, especially as they show a lot of content that didn’t make the final cut. Each of these previews appear to have been generated either for levels that were produced purely for testing mechanics of the game but as well as levels that were used to lay out prefabricated areas.

  • Unreal Warfare Soundtrack, or portions of it

    Here’s something that might be interesting for a few of you, but here we have three songs used in the Unreal Engine technology demonstration from GDC 2002 and one additional song that wasn’t used in the demonstration.

    These songs were packaged with Star Wars Republic Commando, among some other things which we’ll discuss at some other stage in the future.

    For those that don’t know what Unreal Warfare is, Unreal Warfare is what eventually became the Gears of War you know today. It was also often used as the name to describe the second iteration of Epic Games’ Unreal Engine, as it initially served as the driving force for many of Epic’s innovations at the time, and before Epic Games had dubbed their new technology as “Unreal Engine 2”.

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  • Collection of early Unreal Warfare screenshots...

    Most of these are taken from Epic Games’ UDN, and there’s plenty more there I haven’t included so I highly encourage people take a look!

    If you’re not sure what Unreal Warfare is, it’s essentially what became Gears of War. The screenshots below show content from the game back when Epic Games were still developing Unreal Engine 2, which should give you a good idea of how long this game was actually in development for.